Juneberry 15000 Old Time Series – Part 15


Juneberry’s latest MP3 CD in the 15000 Series contains, among other gems,  four  (possibly) previously unreissued  tracks by the Georgia duo of George Walburn (fiddle) and Emmett Hethcox (guitar) :

“Home Brew,” “Macon Georgia Bound,” “Polecat Blues,”and “Wait For The Lights To Go Out.”

Altogether there are 17 Classic Old Time MP3 CDs/DVDs for sale at this site, as well as the option of custom designing your own CDs from the huge Juneberry archives: http://www.juneberry78s.com/mp3coop/mp3coop.html

And don’t forget to browse the  huge selection of downloadable classic old time MP3’s  in the Juneberry Listening Room:

3 Responses to “Juneberry 15000 Old Time Series – Part 15”

  1. JDG Says:

    wowww, new walburn and hethcox! Just for the record, polecat blues was released a while back on “Unheard 78s from the collection of Hunter Holmes”. Wait for the lights to go out must be one of the strangest cuts ever recorded, past or present. Now, the $10,000,000 question is who is playing second fiddle on that stuff? I, for a long time, tried to argue that it is actually a clarinet screaming the high part on wait for the lights to go out, but I have yet to meet anyone who agrees.

  2. emmett hethcox Says:

    How do I order “Unheard 78s from the Collection of Hunter Holmes”? Does that mean Hunter hasn’t heard them either? What is it, a blank tape?

    If anyone can suggest a better model for old time guitar back-up than Emmet Hethcox, I’d love to hear it.

  3. Uncle Gomie Says:

    always thought that was a clarinet .. could it have been Stranger Malone?

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