The Roots of American Fiddle Music


Ahmet Baycu’s site, Roots of American Fiddle Music, is a unique and extensive collection of old time music resources, including 120 free, downloadable mp3s of classic 78 rpm recordings.  Old Time Party will spotlight special features of the site in the coming weeks, including the overview below, by Ahmet:
       I started this site quite a few years ago to spread the OTM word via photos, bios, downloads, and anything else I could digitize. Since then, there has been an explosion of info interesting posts by hundreds of like minded folks.  Still, there should be plenty here for all newbies to this music to get you started on your journey, including OTM crossword puzzles and a good sprinkling of humor. Be forewarned however that paths here do not travel in straight lines.
      There are quite a few complete  and partial OTM recordings here for download or stream scattered throughout the site. If you are a Skillet Licker fan, there is a nice little package of 25 of my favourite instrumentals in very good quality for download or stream here:


One Response to “The Roots of American Fiddle Music”

  1. Darrell Schapmire Says:

    The site is now owned by NPR . . . who has taken all of the music off of the site and turned it into nothing but text. Go figure.

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