John Donald Robb Field Recordings (1944-1979)


John Donald Robb

The John Donald Robb Archive of Southwestern Music is dedicated to preserving the musical heritage of New Mexico and the Southwest. Created in 1964, the archive has grown to house over 1,600 hours of recordings. Collecting began through the efforts of former University of New Mexico Fine Arts Dean John Donald Robb, for whom the archive iis named.The archive’s collections preserve examples of the rich cultural milieu of Southwestern music.

These are free, downloadable recordings, at

They consist of Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo music recorded between 1942-1979 in different parts of New Mexico. The collection contains Hispanic folk music such as the alabado, the pastore, the decimal, and the corrido. Additionally, Native American chants and dances, as well as Anglo cowboy and frontier ballads are represented in the collection.



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