Fiddler’s Map – double click on image for full size readable version


by Ahmet Baycu (

I know it’s unreadable for some reason, but double click on this map to enjoy a larger readable version.  Ahmet Baycu  created this great map and posts it on his site, Roots of American Fiddle Music.

Ahmet writes the following:

As we all learned this music and its historical context, I thought it significant to observe the various geographical positioning ot the OTM artists of the 1920’s. Hence, this map should give you an idea of the general configuration of some of these groups, and how mountain ranges and distances can drastically affect the stylistic development of their music.  The band names are linked to their particular bio on the site but will not work on this page.


3 Responses to “Fiddler’s Map – double click on image for full size readable version”

  1. judge sturdy Says:

    He’s got the Grinnell Giggers about 50 miles too far south. They were from New Madrid County in Missouri.

  2. Mike Jarboe Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks!

  3. JDG Says:

    No old time music in SC?? Mr. Holmes needs to give Mr. Baycu some revisions, I think.

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