Folkways Liner Notes Available as Free PDFs


Smithsonian Folkways offers free downloads of liner note booklets of all the great old Folkways LPs, including Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music.  Anywhere on the website, just click on the picture of an album (or CD) to get to the album detail page.  The download link for the liner notes on the album detail page is just above the track listing:  “Download Liner Notes.” The liner notes have extensive biographical, historical, and musicological info as well as lyrics, etc.

Folkways Records was founded in 1948. Led by Moses Asch (1905-1986), Folkways sought to document the entire world of sound. The 2,168 titles Asch released on Folkways include traditional and contemporary music from around the world, spoken word in many languages, and documentary recordings of individuals, communities, and current events.

Here is just the FIRST PAGE of the complete list of 116  Smithsonian Folkways old time recordings.


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