The TRANSFRONTIER Sound System Nº1


Ephraim McDowell of Brattleboro, VT has created a series of music podcasts called Xillbilli Mau-Mao that mix American old time and African music.  Highly recommended.  Here’s Brother Eph:

This is where the Southern Highlands of America buck dances with the “Motherland” – big ole Africa… Yesterday, today & tomorrow.  Worldwide, Hollers, Nooks & Crannies, Appalachian Old-Time music, Afro-Beats, Hillbilly Blues, Country & Eastern, Banjo & Fiddle tunes, Xalam & Kora improv, Griots bills paid in full, Boubon & Highlife, Mento Breakdowns, Oud laments, Field Recordings from the darkest basements, Holler Dub & Jungle Mixes, Self-determination & Sustainable designs, Finger picking guitars from Eastern Kentucky & East Africa…..   (from

Listen to Xillbilli Mau-Mao’s  “Kentucky to Kenya” podcast:


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