American Songs with Fiddle and Banjo


Pat Conte was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1956, grew up in Richmond Hill, Queens and now lives on Long Island, NY. Conte is best known for his 8 volume collection of rare ethnic recordings, The Secret Museum of Mankind. This music became the basis of his long-running radio show The Secret Museum of the Airwaves, co-hosted by the late Citizen Kafka. Conte has performed with dozens of bands, most notably The Otis Brothers, Major Contay and the Canebrake Rattlers and The Empire State String Ticklers. As a painter, Conte’s work can be seen on the cover of Washington Phillips “The Key to the Kingdom” album on Yazoo Records.

Mr. Conte’s latest LP contains fourteen tunes, arranged for the fiddle and banjo. The record spans old-time, primitive blues and archaic songs to celebrate the harmonious and traditional pairing of these instruments in American music. “American Songs with Fiddle and Banjo” was recorded by Conte at The Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY using instruments dating back to the 19th Century. “Make Your Belly Grow” and “Half Shaved”, (played on a pre-Civil War Minstrel Banjo) showcase Conte’s lifelong understanding of the sound and nature of early American music.  (from

Available here.



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