Elzic’s Farewell


Elzics Farewell: French Carpenter & Jenes Cottrell – Old-time Songs and Tunes from Clay Co. WV.

This classic LP was reissued by http://www.morningstarfolkarts.com

French Carpenter was one of the finest fiddlers I have ever heard. His versions of ‘Yew Piney Mountain’ and ‘Elzic’s  Farewell’ are alone worth the price of the recording. Many of the central WVa fiddlers played Yew Piney Mountain. I liked all their versions, but French’s was the one that touched me. I have dreamed that my fiddling would approach what he did. Btw, re the liner notes: Harvey Elswick [bn approx 1839] played that tune for his mother on her deathbed in Maldon?? WVa in the early 1890s. I was born a mile from there. Yew Piney Mountain – I live at the base of them here in Pocahontas county. This mountain range is made up of Droop, Caesar, Viney, Kennison, Black, and Cranberry Mountains. This tune was also called Frank Santa by James Hammons, Edn’s son. Frank was the uncle of Carroll Hardway, now deceased banjo player from Braxton county, WVa.  The other musician from Clay county WVA was Jenes [pn Gene’-us] Cottrell [pn Cot’-tral]. Jenes was an extra good singer in his style. He had worked out a banjo style that fit his singing.  There are some good liner notes to go along with this recording. The historical setting gives a bit perspective as to what drove this music. If you want some really good central WVa fiddling, buy this.  (from http://www.dwightdiller.com)



3 Responses to “Elzic’s Farewell”

  1. John Walkenbach Says:

    The only problem is that Morning Star Folk Arts has been out of business for at least a year

  2. Dave Says:

    thats a heck of a problem…

  3. Maybell Says:

    It’s hard to find well-informed people about this topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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