Riley Puckett


Norm Cohen writes in “Riley Puckett: King of the Hillbillies,” that John Edwards claimed that Puckett played guitar left-handed.



7 Responses to “Riley Puckett”

  1. REED MARTIN Says:

    Interesting…..ten different folks who claim to know how Riley Puckett played…….

    What will the experts say in thirty years about the late & great John Jackson flatpicking his Gibson guitar all over the fingerboard with the side of his bare thumb? Or John stating time and again as he switched from guitar to banjo and played the same blues on either…
    “They’re tuned the same….”

    It’s all part of the beauty of finding a comfortable way to make the sound that pleases the player……

    In the interest of folklore “I wonder where it is now…” I have the Walkingstick fiddle and Chamberpot fiddle played by Tony Alderman for so many years and so many shows with Al Hopkins & the Bucklebusters.

    • emmett hethcox Says:

      Reed, welcome to the party of the people, the Old Time Party. Thanks for the reminiscences and info. How about a photo of the chamberpot fiddle?

      • REED MARTIN Says:

        Emmett –
        I am not a camera owner. Come by and take photos. We are just inside the Washington D.C. “495” beltway. Both of Tony Alderman’s violins are safely here. (301) 767-5703 Reed Martin 12/29/12

  2. Pablo Schwartz Says:

    ah, your blog is a remarkable resource. *always* pleased to read about Riley Puckett. i don’t know if its just my ear, but i’ve never been able to pick out Fate Norris’ banjar on those old Skillet Lickers sides, so – for me – Puckett’s guitar is the rhythm (and not just any rhythm, but something canny/clever on the scale of Jimmy Garrison !).

  3. Dave Pounds Says:

    Well, all I can say is that I am his grandson, and according to his daughter (who knew him better than any of the people you mentioned and who I am looking at right this minute), he played right-handed, high off the bridge, and used a thumb pick and a pick on all four fingers…and, yes, we have a full set of the picks he used INCLUDING one of the small steel picks that he used on his pinky.

  4. Clate Says:

    No response to Dave Pounds’ definitive comment. What exactly do you want, more contradictory “documented” but unreliable responses to fap off about?

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