Johnson Brothers and Son


“Itinerant Yankee Hillbilly Band” recorded somewhere in the northern territories by pioneering ethnographer Nikolai Fox, early 21st century (USA).


If anyone has information about any of the musicians in this photo, please contact:

Missing Persons, Photo Archive Division,


Here is their rendition of “Chewing Chawing Gum:”


3 Responses to “Johnson Brothers and Son”

  1. Emmett Hethcox Says:

    I don’t recognize the skinny guy masquerading as Earl Johnson, but I think I was once in a band once with the other 2 at UMass…

  2. Wampus Katz Says:

    The band was called Northern Digression, I believe…

  3. Don Juanson Says:

    I swear I just saw one of those guys having a deep moment of indecision in front of a barber shop in the Guatemalan highlands. It may have only been a reflection…

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