The Old Time Machine

by is the world’s first completely virtual old time machine, an ever expanding repository of old-time backup tracks for many of your favorite old time tunes, recorded with real live old timey instruments!  Each tune is presented in several different backup arrangements (slow and fast guitar backup, guitar and banjo, guitar and fiddle), so that you may choose the one that best fits your needs (for more tips on how to get the most out of these tracks, go here).  The fiddle and banjo versions are intended to help familiarize you with the tunes.

Each playlist is organized by key and the key is also announced at the beginning of each track.  The banjo and fiddle tracks are panned to one side or the other, so you may adjust the level of each by adjusting the balance in your system (assuming you’re listening in stereo, which is recommended).  If you want one track to play repeatedly, just click the loop button (circling arrows).  Additionally, the chord changes for each tune will appear in the left-hand box on the player.  Click the “chord charts help” folder on the player for more information on how to read these (you’ll need to click twice to get the chord chart to appear).  You may also dowload a .pdf file of all the chords to all the tunes here.


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