Skillet Lickers on JSP


GID TANNER AND THE SKILLET LICKERS: ‘Old Timey’s Favorite Band’ (JSP-77155-4-CD set)


One hundred songs and fiddle tunes are spread out over 4 CDs in this wonderful bargain set that features the music of probably the most popular old time string band of  the “golden age” of country music.  Rather than present the recordings in chronological order, the compilers have infused each disc with varying amounts of tracks from different stages of the group’s Columbia and Bluebird work.  For example, the first CD starts with 7 of the group’s finest fiddle tunes like ROCKY PALLET, HELL BROKE LOOSE IN GEORGIA and SOLDIER’S JOY, then, after a CORN LICKER STILL In GEORGIA skit there are a handful of their popular and huge selling early pieces like BULLY OF THE TOWN and PASS AROUND THE BOTTLE (with Riley Puckett featured); then there are 6 cuts from their 1934 Bluebird sessions that featured Gid, son Gordon Tanner, Puckett and the fine mandolinist Ted Hawkins, and the disc finishes with 4 more multi-fiddle pieces like NANCY ROLLIN’ and DEVILISH MARY.  The same formula is pretty much repeated on the other 3 CDs, and editor Pat Harrison has provided good notes (though hard to read) for each of the discs.  Lots of wonderful fiddle work here, especially by the great Lowe Stokes and Clayton McMichen.  Lovers of the Skillet Licker sound will have a field day here.



One Response to “Skillet Lickers on JSP”

  1. sugarinthegourd Says:

    This is interesting. I have all the Document CDs; I wonder if these JSP discs will be significantly remastered. Their earlier stuff (Django, Satchmo) was revelatory but their more recent issues sem to have less time put into remastering.

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