Wade Ward and the Bogtrotters


from the liner notes to “The Music of Roscoe Holcomb and Wade Ward” (FOLKWAYS 2363):


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2 Responses to “Wade Ward and the Bogtrotters”

  1. George Weaver Says:

    What an interesting story. I have to check the Library of Congress music for these guys. Thanks.

  2. REED MARTIN Says:

    I used to live near Fields Ward – Crockett’s son. The Fields Ward family eventually moved north to the Bel Air, Maryland area.
    Fields Ward told me that Sampson (“Samp”) was the great banjo player of the family band until he cut off his hand in a saw mill – that opened the banjo player job up for Wade. Are there any recordings with “Samp” Ward playing banjo – either solo or with the Bogtrotters ?
    Fields Ward had been a bit of a character in his younger days –
    but as he mellowed he became a true role model for many. If you needed help – his phone number could be called almost any hour of the day and he would make himself available…….
    Reed Martin reedbanjo@verizon.net

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