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“Uncle Dave at Home”: This CD features Uncle Dave Macon at his most relaxed and authentic, sitting before his own fireplace on a warm spring Sunday afternoon in Kittrell, Tennessee, halfway between Murfreesboro and Woodbury. The recordings in this CD are informal, amateur recordings made on a portable tape recorder. They were made circa May 1950, a little over a year before Uncle Dave’s death.

“Sam and Kirk McGee Live: 1955-1967”  Live recordings from Bean Blossom, New River Ranch, and Smithsonian Festival.


SFR-CD-101 Uncle Dave At Home

SFR-CD-102 Billy Womack in Retrospect: Down at the Barbershop

SFR-CD-103 Sam and Kirk McGee Live: 1955-1967

SFR-DU-33002 Norman Edmonds-Train on the Island
SFR-DU-33004 Various Artists-Fiddlers of the Tennessee Valley
SFR-DU-33007 JT Perkins-Just Fine Fiddling
SFR-DU-33009 Perry County Music Makers-Sunset Memories
SFR-DU-33014 WL Gregory and Clyde Davenport-Monticello: Tough Mountain Music
SFR-DU-33015 Fiddling Doc Roberts-Classic Fiddle Tunes
SFR-DU-33017 JT Perkins-Fiddle Favorites
SFR-DU-33021 Sam McGee-God Be With You
SFR-DU-33023 Frazier Moss-All Fiddler!
SFR-DU-33024 Perry County Music Makers-Going Back to Tennessee

SFR-DU-33028 WL Gregory and Clyde Davenport-Homemade Stuff
SFR-DU-33029 Indian Creek Delta Boys-Volume 1
SFR-DU-33037 Omer Forster, Houston Daniel and the Highland Rim Boys-Flowery Girls
SFR-DU-33042 Indian Creek Delta Boys-Volume 2
SFR-DU-33044 JT Perkins-JT





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