“Ten Days in Mississippi”: Tony Russell (pt. 1)


In the spring of 1976 Tony Russell published a special 5th birthday issue of the British journal “Old Time Music.”  The issue documented a research trip to Mississippi taken by Russell and Carl Fleishhauer in 1975.  Here is the introduction to that issue.  More to follow.

by Tony Russell

The history of old time music in Mississippi has fascinated me for years, and I began trying to trace it in 1973, with articles on Freeny’s Barn Dance Band (OTM8) and the Nations Brothers (OTM10).  These initiated a series on Missisippi String Bands which then lapsed for a time but is carried forward in the following pages.

This research, though based on much preliminary work, was chiefly carried out in two spells, 10 days in all, in October 1975.  Many people gave their help, and they are thanked elsewhere.  My special thanks, here and now, must go to Carl Fleischhauer, whose assistance — much more than just photographic — and companionship made this journey of discovery a truly cooperative effort.

Tony Russell is the author of “Country Music Originals: The Legends and the Lost,” “Blacks, Whites, and Blues,” and co-author of “Country Music Records: A Discography, 1921-1942.”

Carl Fleishhauer is co-author of “The Hammons Family” (on Rounder Records), and author of the videodisc “The Ninety-Six: A Cattle Ranch in Northern Nevada,” and the photographic book “Documenting America, 1935-43.”


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