Old-Time Backup Guitar: Learn from the Masters


“Old-Time Backup Guitar: Learn from the Masters,” by John Schwab

102-Page book and CD with >120 mp3 files, ready for iTunes! Music and tab for 28 classic old-time tunes from 78 rpm records! $24.99 plus shipping. Write to <backupguitar@L-century.com>

http://www.facebook.com/OldTimeBackupGuitar,              http://www.L-century.com

Old-time fiddlers and banjo players seem to get lots of the glory, but good, solid backup guitars are always in demand! Veteran backup guitar player John Schwab has developed a straightforward way to help folks to learn the same way that he did: by studying the master musicians of the 78 rpm era: the 1920s and ’30s.

• Luches Kessinger (Kessinger Brothers)
• Asa Martin & Edgar Boaz (Doc Roberts)
• Roy Harvey (Charlie Poole & the North Carolina Ramblers)
• Hub Mahaffey (Dykes’ Magic City Trio) …and more!

• Guitar tab for 28 classic tunes, transcribed from 78 rpm records!

• Selections provided as mp3 files, ready for iTunes or digital player
• Play along with original performances from 78 rpm records!
• Four versions per tune, from very slow to full speed
• All recordings adjusted to concert pitch
• Samples from leading contemporary backup guitar players

• What is old-time music, and how does the guitar fit in?
• “The Elements of Style” in old-time backup guitar:
• Keeping time
• Attack and dynamics
• Guitars and picks: getting “that” tone
• Chord selection:
• The chords that the masters used
• The chords that the masters didn’t use
• Choosing chords for modal tunes
• Finding the “right” chords
• Playing with other musicians
• Advice & insight from leading contemporary backup guitarists
• Resources for learning: recordings, books, websites, etc.


4 Responses to “Old-Time Backup Guitar: Learn from the Masters”

  1. debra Says:

    I just got mine from John and it’s awesome! ~debra

  2. john schwab Says:

    I’ve got the website up and running, so for more info, please go to http://www.L-century.com. And feel free to send me email with any questions: backupguitar @ L-century.com (be sure to remove those extra spaces!).


  3. Richard Kane Says:

    I want this book, but is very difficult to get, since I moved to Brasil. If I could get it, I would have it shipped to my sister in law in Tampa and she could bring it with her on the plane in November. Too bad it isn´t on amazon. It would be a lot easier.

    • John Says:

      Hi, Richard–

      I’ve shipped the book to a number of European countries and to Australia. I would be glad to ship to Brazil, though I would have to check on the cost. For reference, it costs $14 for me to ship to Europe. Feel free to contact me at backupguitar@ L-century.com. (Be sure to remove the extra space!)


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