Bob Naess


Film-maker and photographer Nikolai Fox has posted on his website a great six and a half minute video of Vermont fiddler Bob Naess.  The video is an excerpt from Nikolai’s documentary “Music for the Sky” about Vermont fiddlers George Ainley, Ahmet Baycu, Jim Burns, Michael Donahue, Bob Naess, and John Specker.


Bob Naess had visited Vermont several times as a child and finally settled in Cavendish, VT in 1980. He had met John Specker and George Ainley in the past but did not know that they were living in Vermont until he moved to Cavendish where he met them again. Bob attended art school in California where he “played Cluck-Old Hen with Jerry Garcia.” The west coast folk revival inspired him to learn to fiddle. Bob has worked as a large-scale glass artist and currently makes his living trading, selling, building and repairing machine guns.

Click here to watch Bob Naess.

Here is a trailer about “Music for the Sky.”


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