Banjo Classics




   OLD BLUE CD-710
Various Artists


This is the second release of recordings from County Records and Old Blue Records, which contains – as much as possible – selections that have never been released before.  For the first time, two of the tracks pre-date all of the County and Old Blue recordings. Those two were recorded in 1958.  The 22 County recordings were made in the mid-60s to 1971, about a generation and a half after the first country 78 recording was released.  By chance, the eight Old Blue recordings were made about a generation and a half after the County recordings.

There are 32 tracks, but only 23 different tunes.  The repeated tunes are because of different approaches, techniques or tunings. All the recordings have never been released before.

This anthology has several purposes. One is to document the range of versions that exist in the tradition using side-by-side comparisons of the same and similar tunes. The second is to make the listener aware of some of the many artists working in the old time genre. The third is to reveal how the tradition persists and grows through the years. As with any art, the beauty of these pieces takes on more clarity with continued listening.

For the budding musician there is exposure to a level of performance that sets a bar for future goals of performance. For those who love old time music this is an opportunity to hear more great music from a wide range of musicians. As with all great art, continued listening exposes more of the subtleties of this music, revealing the depth of riches contained in these performances.


One Response to “Banjo Classics”

  1. REED MARTIN Says:

    I hope that some of the money generated from these sales will find its way back to the families of those banjoists on the recordings.

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