New Time



Respectfully submitted by an intrepid OTP reporter:

The following MP3 seems to be a performance including a frailed banjo, a fiddle,  and an unidentifiable reed and stringed instrument. Our researchers have narrowed down its possible origins this far:

1.  Pat Conte, Frank Basile, Kim Basile, and Mike Hoffman around the campfire at Lake Genero, PA

2.  The New Apocalypsonians  at the Round House in Colrain, MA

3.  Anthony Pasquarosa and friends at the Flywheel open mic in Easthampton, MA

4.  Taj Mahal jamming with the  Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar

5.   Bela Fleck and others, somewhere in The Gambia,  in an out-take from the film, “Throw Down Your Heart”

Please weigh in with your best judgement, so this issue can be laid to rest:

The recording:


2 Responses to “New Time”

  1. Ephraim McDowell Says:

    Swahili!!! Yes sir-ree. That’s got to be Taj on banjo! But more than that – I know Swahili fiddlers & zither/plucky thangs, whose name I forget, when I hear it! I’ve been to the Zanzibar musical club house many times and that’s the right acoustics I hear in the recording as well… Wow what a great game this is, love it. If anyone ever gets a chance to go to the Swahili coast in East Africa – do it!
    The people, food, fashion & musiki – So sweet ( tamu sana). Fiddles, oud and accordion fill the air, which is warm and thick with the smells of coconut milk, fruit and spice.
    Ah that old time spirit, not many banjo players thou?

  2. Mike Says:

    Music is dead!

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