Quotes of the Day (#3)



from “Accordions, Fiddles, Two Step, and Swing,” edited by Ryan Brasseaux and Kevin Fontenot (Center for Louisiana Studies, 2006):

Folklorist Barry Ancelet, referring to “Valse du Vacher,” notes that fiddler Dennis McGee, “whose name reflects Irish roots and whose facial features reflect American Indian origins, describes the loneliness of a cowboy’s life in French to the time of a European mazurka clearly influenced by the blues.”

attributed to Yogi Berra:

Interviewer: Are there any great fiddlers alive today?

Yogi: No. All the great fiddlers alive today are dead. Except for the ones that are still alive. But so many of them are dead, that the ones that are still alive are dying to be like the ones that are dead. Some would kill for it.

from the Spring 1997 volume of the Chattanooga County Historic Society Quarterly:

Singleton LaFayette Norris (Fate Norris, of The Skillet Lickers) died on stage Nov 11, 1944 after playing for the March of Dimes benefit in Subligna, Ga. He said, “I’m not afraid,” and fell to the floor.

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