Mississippi Records Subscription Service



By Gregory Adams, Feb. 12. 2013 (http://exclaim.ca):

Prolific Portland-based imprint/record store Mississippi Records is setting up a subscription system so fans don’t miss out on what’s next from the label.

The company’s website is giving listeners the chance to obtain forthcoming releases through the Mississippi CSR (Community Supported Record program). You can set up a subscription by sending the label a cheque or money order from between $68 and $300, which will nab you any/all of their releases until your money runs out. This includes limited LPs and 7-inches.

“The purpose of the CSR is to give people who don’t live in Portland, or do not live at their local record store, a chance to get the more limited Mississippi/Change releases,” the label said in a statement.

“The CSR also gives you an opportunity to support our label in its mission to keep prices low, to make important cultural information available to those who care, and to support artists and their ancestors who have all too often been screwed by the mainstream record industry.”

You can check out more details and learn how to sign up over here.


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