“Mountains of Music”


Mountains of Music book

“Mountains of Music: West Virginia Traditional Music from Goldenseal,” edited by John Lilly

from http://www.wvculture.org:

The most complete book to date on West Virginia traditional music, “Mountains of Music” is a collection of articles taken from the pages of the popular magazine over the past 25 years. Detailing the lives and experiences of 25 critical folk artists from across the state, the book takes the reader into the backwoods, up the “hollers” and into the homes of those for whom music is part of an ancient heritage-one that includes hard work, strong faith and a clear mountain identity.

Through extensive oral accounts, a generous use of photography and the keen observations of some of the most respected folklorists in the country, the book reveals not only the music, but also the personal lives, cultural imperatives and family histories of these musicians. For devotees as well as newcomers to this infectiously joyous and heartfelt music, “Mountains of Music” captures the strength of tradition and the spontaneous power of living artistry.

From heavenly harmony to devilish fiddling, West Virginia’s folk music is a treasure unique to this mountainous region. For the past 25 years, the story of West Virginia’s traditional life has been deftly told in the pages of GOLDENSEAL magazine. Now, the best of GOLDENSEAL is gathered for the first time in a richly illustrated volume, “Mountains of Music: West Virginia Traditional Music from GOLDENSEAL,” now available in bookstores across the state, or direct from Goldenseal.

Artists featured in the book include champion fiddler Clark Kessinger, U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, National Heritage Fellowship recipient Melvin Wine, recording stars Lynn Davis and Molly O’Day, dulcimer pioneer Russell Fluharty, internationally known entertainers the Lilly Brothers, bluesman Nat Reese, banjo woman Sylvia O’Brien and many others. Contributing writers and photographers include Carl Fleischhauer, Charles Wolfe, Ivan Tribe, Michael Keller, Gerald Milnes and Michael Kline, among others.

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