Mirth, Music, and Moonshine



from http://www.venerablemusic.com:

Country Music has always included a generous amount of humor and never more so than during the 1920s and early 30s. After all, Country Music as we know it was born in the days of prohibition and record companies were quick to realize the potential of recording “skits” with their essentially rural artists charting these little adventures of the wily country boy attempting to outwit the revenue men while making illicit “moonshine” back in the hills.

This is a fun collection of rural comedy with some great music thrown in for good measure. It was also a good trailer for the complete versions of songs and tunes, which it was hoped, would wet the appetite of the purchaser to go out and buy the full version.

It is worth noting that, on the Okeh Medicine Show, the Black Brothers are Carson Robison & Frank Luther, and Bud Blue is in fact Fred “Sugar” Hall, one half of the Fields & Hall act. Recordings from 1928-1934.

The Okeh Medicine Show Acts I–VI
The Feller That Looks Like Me – Hillbillies
Over At Tom’s House – Blue Ridge Entertainers
The Fiddlers Contest – Blue Ridge Entertainers
Since She Took My Licker From Me – John Carson & Moonshine Kate
A Serenade In The Mountains Pts. 1 & 2 – E.V. Stoneman & The Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers
It’s Funny What Whiskey Will Do – Louis Bird
The Beer Party – Charlie Wilson & His Hay Loft Boys
Kentucky Bootlegger – Fruit Jar Guzzlers (Stevens & Bolar)
Day At The County Fair Pts. 1 & 2 – Skillet Lickers
I Ain’t A Bit Drunk – George “Shortbuckle” Roark
A Bee Hunt On Hell Fer Sartin Creek Pts. 1 & 2 – Skillet Lickers
Chickens In The Garden – Hugh Roden & Roy Rodgers

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