Stoneman #4



from Reed Martin:
“Pop” Stoneman and wife produced something like 21 or 23 children.  One of them was the lady bluegrass picker on HeeHaw.
I used to go around teaching clawhammer banjo many years ago and met her on the “circuit.”   She was an absolute treasure trove of great stories, like gluing her fingerpicks on with crazy glue so they would come off while she was playing.
They never came off, but she sure tore up her fingers after she got off stage !

The original Stoneman family was in debt, while living somewhere along the N.C. /  Virginia border.  Ol’ “Pop” figured that it was getting time to move elsewhere and vacate on his debts.   ‘Bout that time the law figured out what he was a-fixin’ to do so they started for his home.  Pop sent one sibling off in a car with some of the kids, another with yet more of the kids, and his wife off with another bunch of the brood, and then he started off with the rest.

Along came the Sheriff and stopped him.  “You owe some folks money, Mr. Stoneman” they told him. He replied that he was just on his way to pick up some money from a friend so he could square up his bills, and they were welcome to follow along if they wanted.

So Pop drove over to a friends house and went inside. He came out and went up to the Sheriff and said to him, “You are out of your jurisdiction now, aren’t you?  We passed out of your county about two miles ago, so you can’t arrest me – ain’t that right?”

The sheriff had to admit that he was correct, so Pop and his car full headed up the road for Laurel, Maryland…..their new home.


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