Quotes of the Day (#4)



Jody Stecher asked legendary Bahamian guitarist Joseph Spence why he played everything in D. 

Spence replied:  “I used to know all them keys! I knew ‘em all: A, and B, and D, and H…I used to know all them keys!”

Stecher asked, “Well, Mr Spence, if you knew all those keys, how come you don’t use them anymore?”

Spence replied, “I got TAHRD of ‘em!”

English folksong collector Cecil Sharp had spent a total of 52 weeks in the southern Appalachians during the years 1916-18.  Along with his assistant Maud Karpeles, he had doggedly trudged across the region, bagging a total of some 1,600 pieces before he became overcome with illness and fatigue.  At the end of his travels Sharp wrote:

“What I want more than anything else is quiet, no children, no Victrolas, nor strumming of rag-time and the singing of sentimental songs – all of which we have suffered from incessantly.”


Fiddler Eck Robertson:

"I should have been a millionaire instead of a pauper. 
I got beat out of everything I made, everything I was entitled to, really. 
'Cause people'd take advantage of me every dadgum time that I trust anybody. 
I got to where I just couldn't trust nobody. Every time I'd trust them, 
they'd beat me out of everything they could."

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