Christopher King: Sonic Archaelogist


Christopher King is a re-mastering engineer, producer, and author.  He specializes in pre-war rural American music (with an emphasis on Cajun) and various Eastern European, Baltic, and Mediterranean musics. He edited “Five Days Married and Other Laments” (shown below).  He started Long Gone Sound Productions in 1999.  He won a Grammy in 2002 and has been nominated four times since then.  Check out

Christopher King: As this modern age progresses, people become less and less engaged with each other, their friends, and their culture. People have become more engaged with their digital devices and social networking “tools”. They are removing themselves from passionate exchanges of ideas and becoming, frankly, banal and incurious, and bland by products of popular culture. So, most of my projects attempt to engage totally, if just fleetingly, with the listener.

In other words, I wish that for an hour or two, we can sit and listen to these recordings, read the translations together, gaze at the artwork or images, and arrive at some sort of plateau of understanding together. When I have friends over to the house, and we listen to 78s, look at the pictures of the artists, and talk about the meaning of the lyrics, it is a completely immersed experience with the music. It’s not listening to the music while you wash the dishes, or walk the dog, or try to impress the girlfriend.
All pretenses are relaxed, and for a very short time, we have the opportunity to commune with the long-gone past, to participate with something lost that perhaps we should still have. It is this dialogue that I wish to create with my collections: posing more questions rather than putting forth some rigid structure.

The purpose of the Long Gone Sound Series is not didactic in nature nor scholarly in scope.

Rather, the goal of this venture is to create a catalyst for musical and cultural transformation.

We are providing an aperture through which the curious can enter and emerge either famished or full.

This is an attempt to capture, if just fleetingly, a discrete frequency in the spectrum of our fading sounds.

Chris King Five Days Married


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