Tom Dooley: The Movie



Based on the hit song by the Kingston Trio–which is featured in the film’s soundtrack–, The Legend of Tom Dooley tells the story of three renegade Confederate soldiers who, unaware that the Civil War has ended, ambush two Union soldiers and kill them.

At age 22, Michael Landon was a rapidly rising star when he was cast as Tom Dooley. He had attained teen—idol status with I Was a Teenage Werewolf and Gods Little Acre, and was about to enjoy the phenomenal success of one of television’s best—loved, longest running series ever, Bonanza.

For audiences, Tom Dooley, with its tragic tale of war’s brutal consequences and star- crossed lovers, was a new look at Landon’s growing range as an actor. As boyishly handsome as ever, Landon brings a rare depth to the role of Tom and many critics considered it his finest performance. Jo Morrow (Our Man in Havana) also stars as Tom’s young bride, and Jack Hogan and Richard Rust give fine supporting performances as Tom’s comrades-in-arms


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