Quotes of the Day (#5)


Clayton McMichen’s bar in Louisville, ca. 1948 (from Toby Denham)

Norm Cohen, in JEMF Quarterly VOL. IX, PART 2, SUMMER, 1973, No. 30 

In truth, the frequency of appearance of the Child ballads on hillbilly records is 
quite small. Of approximately 20,000 different recordings released between 1922 
and 1941 less than 60 are Child ballads--or a mere 1/4%.

From a letter to Norm Cohen by fiddler Clayton McMichen:

      "Don't ask me any more questions about that bunch of nothing down there in 
Atlanta.  They were all a bunch of stab-you-in-the-back no-goods...and the longer 
I can keep them forgotten, 
the better."

from T-Bone Burnett (musical director of “Inside Llewyn Davis”):

"It’s American, American music. Traditional—I call it traditional American music. 
I don’t know what else to call it really because it’s, 
it’s the music of the poor people. And it’s beautiful. 
Like all of the great cuisines, all the great food 
innovations not all of them but so many of them—were 
peasant foods; barbecue for instance down here in the South. 
They invented barbecue sauce because they would get the 
meat that would go bad, and they’d have to cook it for two weeks 
to get it, to get it, you know... It would taste so bad they would put 
barbecue sauce, they’d put all kinds of crazy sauce on it. So that’s 
this connection... to the kind of music this is. It’s the kind of 
music that grows out of that same situation."

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