Sunny Side of Life






Sunny Side of Life (Appalshop Films)

Directed by: Scott Faulkner, Anthony Slone, and Jack Wright
Running Time: 58:00

During the 1920s and ’30s, the records and radio shows of A.P. Carter, his wife Sara, and sister-in-law Maybelle spread the music of the southern mountains around the world and earned the Carter family international fame.

Sunny Side of Life celebrates the legacy of this country music dynasty by focusing on the Carter Family Fold in Maces Spring, Virginia–an old-time music hall founded in 1975 by Janette, Joe, and Gladys, the children of A.P. and Sara Carter.

Sunny Side of Life features Saturday night performances at the Fold by such artists as the Home Folks, Red Clay Ramblers, and Hot Mud Family, as well as lots of flatfooting and clogging by the audience.

The film includes a history of the Carter Family and an examination of the way old-time music continues to be integrated into the life of this community.

“Surpasses any documentary I have seen in articulating the emotional ties which lie at the heart of old-time country music and the Appalachian experience.” -Richard Blaustein, Director, Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, East Tennessee State University


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