The Paine Trio – Sal’s Got Mud Between her Toes @ at Grand Canyon


Fiddling Nate Paine and his father and brother. Nate was a protege of Jon Bekoff, RIP, former curator of this blog.


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6 Responses to “The Paine Trio – Sal’s Got Mud Between her Toes @ at Grand Canyon”

  1. Rich Jakowski Says:

    Nate – LOVE this clip! Your rendition of “Sal’s”. The visual impact of the setting is also overwhelming and a worthy subject for a wall mural painting,

    In trying to tract you down I discovered your connection to Jon Bekoff. His recent passing was a shock and I can’t seem to get him out of my mind for the past few days. He was truly and outstanding fiddler, musicologist and human being.

    Hope we bump into each other sometime in the future.

    Rich – Putnam, CT

    • oldtimepartyblog Says:

      Hi Rich. I will relay your comments to Nate. If you email your email to oldtimepartyblog at gmail, I will send him that to write you back. Thanks for your compassionate sentiments for our mentor, Jon.
      – Moonshine

      • Rich Jakowski Says:


        Not sure if this is the best way of making contact.

        I’ve been listening to a lot of Jon’s youTube videos for the past couple of weeks and wondering if there’s any way to getting sheet music or MP3 files for some of these tunes.

        I’m an “ear” learner for a lot of tunes but sometimes those tiny dots are helpful. Specifically, I’m wondering about the “Courville et McGee Waltz” hauntingly rendered by Jon and Bob Naess. Can you suggest any help in learning this tune.

        You seem to be the keeper of all repository related to Jon. Keeping his memory alive through access to his music seems like a worthwhile endeavor. I never new Jon in life – oddly though, I’m getting to know a bit of him through his music which lives on thanks to modern things like the internet and YT.

        Let me know if there is anything I can do to be of help.


        • oldtimepartyblog Says:

          I am making drop boxes with every session recording and lesson Jon played in, that folks share with me, from 1980-2015. I can send you the ripped MP3 from that vdo, which you can slow down to learn by ear. I may have other sessions with him playing that too.nhe never played exactly the same way twice, Give me a little time to out that together to email you. So GLAD you are inspired by the man through my you-tubes of him, the wonders of the web- helping keep the great fiddlers music alive. Hopefully I’ll develop a page dedicated to warehousing all his audio and vdo recordings. But I am putting the best stuff out on MoonshineV channel. You can contact me at oldtimepartyblog at gmail. This exchange should probably be reposted under the post about him, so that others know of the resources.

  2. Don Richardson Says:

    I just love their version of this tune,,perfect!!

  3. Maniko Sunida Says:

    I think it’s in Moab, UT. Same river, different canyon.
    Is there a CD of this trio?

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