13th Harry Smith Frolic, July 10-12, 2015


from http://www.sacrasoft.com/HarrySmith/


(Founded in partnership with musical guru, Jon Bekoff, RIP, seen above secular river immersion and below jam pics)

On the Green River at Camp Keewanee, Greenfield, Mass.


July 10-12, 2015

Friday 5pm through Sunday 5pm
(No early birds! Day Camp in session weekdays)

$20/weekend or $10/day At Gate

Summer day camp facilities including:

  • Unfurnished cabins to play music in (no beds)
    •Bathrooms and showers
    •Picnic pavilion & basketball court
    •Camping and parking on flat ground
    •Frolicking in the Green River
    •Swimming Pool open select hours

Saturday Morning Secular River Immersions
Potluck Saturday Night &  Saturday Midnight Reenactment of Vol. 3 Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music

NEWSFLASH: NATE PAINE WILL HAVE HIS FIRST HANDMADE FIDDLE FOR SALE, constructed under the close mentorship of reknown luthier Don Paine of Pomeroy Instruments http://www.pomeroyinstruments.com/

Jon Nate Jim


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