Kenny Hall #2 – This Ain’t Western Swing!



from “Kenny Hall (October 14, 1923 – Sept. 18, 2013) Jamming With The Angles” 

The last several years have seen Kenny and friends jamming together regularly on Wednesday evenings at the Santa Fe Basque restaurant in Fresno. But on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, Kenny missed this jam session. But he had a good excuse – because that’s the day Kenny went to join the jam session we all hope to see some day. And I have it on good authority that he was heard haranguing the angel with the harp: “Hey, BIG chords now. Bring that E string up a bit. Now take the A string down. Stay off the four chord there – this ain’t Western Swing. Key of D. Let’s go!”

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Check out Kenny’s unique mandolin picking style on his rendition of Rainbow:



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