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British Archive of Country Music

December 9, 2012


Country Music’s history of the last 75 years is represented in the British Archive’s collection of over 500,000 recordings on all formats. The Archive not only houses US recordings but Country Music from all over the world where the media, record producers, or serious collectors may come and browse.

The foremost consideration is the preservation of old-time Country Music.This is not just the David Barnes collection, but includes collections of others who have dedicated their lives performing or collecting country music throughout the years. Many people spend their entire lives researching the various labels and artists only to find at the end that someone with no interest in what they have achieved throws it all away. This must not happen! All their work must be preserved. Magazines, fanzines, discographies, biographies, and photographs must be stored under one roof.


At present the British Archive one of the few places in the world outside Nashville providing a facility which preserves the heritage of country music. it is also very important that donors’ names are recorded so that they will be respected by future visitors to the premises.The British Archive of Country Music is here to preserve the music, so that future generations may benefit from the past efforts of so many devoted people.

Within the Archive there is a library of over 500,000 Country Music tunes, history and biographical works, plus magazines, publicity data, sheet music, song books, photographs, videos, and all manner of memorabilia and artifacts. In addition, we produce CDs for sale.

Here are some titles that may be of interest to readers of oldtimeparty (for artists and track listing see link above):

HENRY WHITTER Early Country Artist CD D 348
CROCKETT’S KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEERS Classic Old Time String Band Music — CD D 023
BUELL KAZEE Legendary Kentucky Ballad Singer — CD D 027
BUELL KAZEE Legendary Kentucky Ballad Singer Vol. 2 CD D 214
RILEY PUCKETT There’s A Hard Time Coming — CD D 040
RILEY PUCKETT Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight CD D 115
THE OKEH LABEL Classic Old Time Music — CD D 050
THE COLUMBIA LABEL Classic Old Time Music — CD D 057
GEORGIA YELLOW HAMMERS Johnson’s Old Grey Mule CD D 073
CLAYTON McMICHEN The Legendary Fiddler CD D 081
CLAYTON McMICHEN The Legendary Fiddler Vol. 2 CD D 142
RED FOX CHASERS Classic Old Time Music From North Carolina CD D 108
THE VICTOR LABEL Classic Old Time Music CD D 129
THE VOCALION LABEL Classic Old Time Music CD D 140
FIDDLIN’ ARTHUR SMITH Give Me Old Time Music CD D 215
BLUEBIRD LABEL Classic Country Music CD D 270
THE EDISON LABEL Classic Old Time Music CD D 308
OLD TIME TUNES & SONGS 1926 – 1937 CD D 340