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Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers

October 31, 2011

Please check out Paul Mitchel’s digital collection of recordings by Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers here.  Thanks to Paul Mitchel and Ann Moffett for permission to share the following.

From Paul Mitchel:

Years ago, I started posting 78’s of the Taylor-Griggs Lousiana Melody Makers (a fairly obscure band at the time) on my UNC website  (, they should still be there).  One of the cuts, “Sweet Rose of Heaven” had been included on one of the New World Records (“Going Down the Valley”) which was available in my local library. The others were ordered from Joe Bussard (those were the days; Joe would send me a 90 minute cassette of gems, and losers, which I’d chosen from his, slightly incomprehensible, mimeographed lists – just 50 cents a cut! This was years before the Document revolution, and Joe’s tapes sounded much better anyways).

       One day soon after, I received a letter from Ann Moffett, the daughter of one of the players.  She was amazed to find the material online, as her mother had only two of the 78’s, and they were quite worn out.  We corresponded back and forth, and consequently I was able to send her the full set of their recordings on a playable CD.  When Jon asked me for some information on the Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers, I asked Ann if she’d mind me re-telling some of the stories she told me concerning the family (this is all from 2006, so some of it might now be out of date).

Ann told me she might take a look at the blog if it’s published, so now’s the time to ask your questions (thanks Ann!).

From Ann Moffet:

Just as a little background, I am the daughter of Ione who played guitar with the above band.  My mother, Ione, passed away in 1982. You will remember one of the recorded songs is named “Ione.”  (Paul: and it’s a polka, at that!)  The band recorded 10 songs that were released on 78s. They made several others which were not released.

I think it is ironic that you are in North Carolina and have these recordings since my grandfather, Robert C. Grigg who started this band, was born in Cleveland County, North Carolina, moving to Louisiana in 1874 at a very young age. (Paul: I believe his full name was Robert Crowder Grigg, b. Feb 24, 1870, d. Mar 3, 1943.  According to the Bienville, La. records).

I have on paper information where my uncle, Ausie Grigg, was interviewed.  I will go through it and pick out the highlights and send to you. (more…)

The Southern Waltz (#10)

October 30, 2011

by Robert Crumb

The Southern Waltz #10

Sweet Rose of Heaven,” by Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers

Sept. 13, 1928, Memphis, TN