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Wayne Perry (#2)

June 21, 2014
Wayne Perry

Wayne Perry

Looks like the complete Wayne Perry  Library of Congress recordings are available here.  More about Wayne Perry here.


This site is a digital resource for the study of the 1934 John and Alan Lomax trip to lower Louisiana, where they recorded a diverse array of songs in English and in Louisiana French. The recordings they made are part of the Lomax Collection, housed at the Library of Congress in the American Folklife Center. This website was developed by Joshua Clegg Caffery, author of Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana, which contains transcriptions, translations, and annotations of these recordings.

The audio on this site is organized by parish and performer name, and it corresponds, more or less, with the Table of Contents in Caffery’s Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana. An image of the Library of Congress cards from the original catalog of the Archive of American Folk Song accompanies each audio selection. These images are hyperlinked to the corresponding record in the American Folklife Center’s online interface. All Library of Congress photos of performers are also hyperlinked to their corresponding page in the Library’s Division of Prints and Photographs.

In many cases, the titles and information given on this website may conflict with information in the original card catalog. The original cataloging of these materials contained a number of mishearings, misspellings, misidentifications, and other errors. This cataloging was done, after all, at a time when there was practically no scholarship at all on the vernacular music of south Louisiana.

The goal of this site, and of the book Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana, is to update these efforts in light of contemporary knowledge and to make corrections where appropriate.

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Wayne Perry

October 5, 2011


Thanks to Suzy Thompson for this wonderful article.

Wayne Perry’s “Old Joe Clark:”