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2014 North Georgia Folk Festival: 30th Anniversary VDO by Neil (and Art) Rosenbaum

November 18, 2015

Persons featured in this video include:

Art Rosenbaum

Skillet Lickers (3rd and 4th generation)

Mick Kinney, Evan Kinney (and the Stone Mountain Wobblers)

Max Godfrey

Norman Blake

Along with interviews and memories of past NGFF performers now gone. Each year, the festival celebrates the finest in folk art, crafts, and music from North Georgia and neighboring areas and is produced entirely by volunteers from the Athens Folk Music and Dance Society ( The AFMDS is proud to present the 31st Annual North Georgia Folk Festival on October 10, 2015 at Sandy Creek Park, Athens, Georgia. VDO by Neil Rosenbaum


Art Rosenbaum’s “Black and White”

December 23, 2011



Henry Grady Terrell, Chancey Brothers, Mose Parker, Silver Light Gospel Singers, Gordon Tanner & Smokey Joe Miller, Yank Rachel & Shirley Griffith, Lawrence & Vaughn Eller, Golden River Grass, Jake Staggers, Brady Doc & Lucy Barnes, Ben Entreken & Uncle John Patterson, Cecil Barfield, Lawrence McIver & The McIntosh County Shouters, Mary Lomax, Balfa Brothers & Nathan Abshire, The Eller Brothers & Ross Brown, Guitar Pete Franklin, Albert Hash, Eddie Bowles, George Childers, Scrapper Blackwell, Fletta & Reverend Nathaniel Mitchell, Tony Bryant, Juanita & Oscar Shorty Shehan.

Art Rosenbaum is a musician, muralist and writer who searches out and records musicians hidden away in the mountains, hollers, swamps and backwaters of the rural South of America. For over fifty years he’s been capturing on tape some sensational cajun, gospel, country, blues, mountain ballads and rural bluegrass.

I love this kind of CD. Right from the start, it’s a joyous experience to listen to these folks doing what they enjoy best. The tracks are taken from Art Rosenbaum’s two boxed sets The Art Of Field Recording Vols 1 and 2 on Dust To Digital so you could regard it as a sampler from those releases or, like me, you can accept it for what it is – an inspired collection of the best traditional music America has to offer.

The Chancey Brothers are an old-time country band from Georgia who present Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground at a stately pace and some whooping encouragement for the banjo picker. Gordon Tanner (Gid’s son) and Smokey Joe Miller duet in the classic guitar/fiddle style of the Skillet Lickers on their loping Anglo-American Devilish Mary while Golden River Grass really let loose on the old warhorse Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad with tons of reckless banjo, manic fiddle and that marvellous squeaking harmonica. The Balfa Brothers play their classic Cajun song When I Passed By Your Door with fabulous twin fiddle ramblings held down by the strong rhythm guitar and the heartfelt racket of Nathan Abshire’s accordion. (more…)