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Old Blue Records: Kyle Creed

May 14, 2012

Banjo Lessons on Kyle's Back Porch







Banjo Lessons on Kyle’s Back Porch
Kyle Creed with Tom Mylet   OLD BLUE CD-502

by Charles Faurot

In 2003, I founded OLD BLUE RECORDS, LLC as the vehicle to make available some of the old-time music that I recorded – some with Dave Freeman and a lot with Rich Nevins – between 1965 and 1973. Even though much of that material had been released by 2003, a great deal of it never made it to LP. And much of the LP material is now out of print.

From his first recording in 1965 to his appearances at fiddle contests and festivals, Kyle Creed’s clean, concise banjo resonated among banjo players across the country and was quickly picked up by the younger players. Today his style can be widely heard on contest stages, in the fields behind, and on the CDs of the musicians who play in his style. He is one of the three major banjo players – along with Fred Cockerham and Tommy Jarrell – who were the old time roots of the Round Peak style.

After the release of that first LP, County Records 701, CLAWHAMMER BANJO, musicians sought him out to learn his style. One of these, Tom Mylet became a close friend of Kyle’s, so close that when Tom came by, they’d sit on Kyle’s back porch and, using Kyle’s recording machine, record these sessions. The second voice and banjo are Tom Mylet’s. The tracks here are those sessions transferred with minimal changes.


County Records 701: Original Liner Notes to Clawhammer Banjo Volume 1

January 5, 2012

Thanks to Paul Mitchel for posting this on his site.  Read the extensive and informative liner notes to this groundbreaking 1964 LP there.

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