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Max Hunter Biography Project (Ozark folk song collector) – by Sarah Jane Nelson

November 13, 2015

max hunter

For the past year I have been conducting research on the life of Ozark folk song collector Max Hunter and great progress has been made. My present goal is to have a biography written by the Spring of 2017; but the research continues, even as I write. As many of you other song chasers are undoubtedly aware, Hunter’s archive (out of Missouri State University) includes almost 1600 Ozark Mountain folk songs, recorded between 1956 and 1976. Several of these songs have links to “variants” (i.e., alternative versions) which makes this archive a veritable candy shop for browsers. Other songs in the collection remain, for a variety of reasons, comparatively obscure. Fortunately, for this researcher, there are vast archives of information on Max’s collecting activities. Unfortunately, Max died in 1999, so I never had the opportunity to speak with him directly. And because most of his most prolific song contributors were quite elderly, it is a challenge to find information on some of them. (OTP: here is an NYT obituary: )

I am currently running a GoFundMe campaign to meet some of the financial challenges of doing my research long distance, and if you go to my link you can read a little more about what I’ve been up to: Any contributions, no matter how humble, will be ever so gratefully accepted! However, I’m equally interested in hearing from anyone who:

1) Purposefully used songs in this collection for performing/recording purposes

2) Knew Max personally

3) Knew any of Max’s “informants” or was in touch with anyone who did. I’d particularly welcome further information on Kris Ann Parker (of Springfield), Arkansas singer Stephanie Isaacs who performed at Eureka Springs as a child, in addition to anyone else listed as contributors.

4) I’d also welcome stories of the Eureka Springs Festival back in the day when Max was MC’ng, or similarly, of Silver Dollar City.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah Jane nelson