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VIDEO – Homemade Music in Stickerville – Weiser, ID

June 22, 2016


Documentary: Great Southern Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention: Chattanooga (1925 -2015) & Details on 2016’s

January 10, 2016

Documentary on the founding history and revival of the Southern Championship of Old Time Fiddling: Chattanooga’s “Great Southern Old Time Fiddlers Convention.” The beginning describes the convention’s eclectic origins and rise to popularity among early 1900s old-time musicians; the second half describes the revived festival and features several modern greats of southern fiddling (e.g., Bill Birchfield, RIP) and buckdance (e.g., Thomas Maupin). Matt Downer was the creative force behind this revival.

The 2016 Great Southern Old Time Fiddlers Convention will be held March 12, 2016. Come one and all for cash prizes in fiddle, banjo, dance, song, and stringband. You will be standing in a long tradition of musicians who competed in Chattanooga, including Gid Tanner, Uncle Dave Macon, Lowe Stokes, Clayton McMichen, Riley Puckett. (Blogger’s note: would be nice to see more women competing!) See also Jon’s 2015 post on the festival