The Southern Waltz (recordings)

This is a cumulative collection of  “The Southern Waltz” blog post series dedicated to the great southern waltzes, waltz fiddlers, and waltz bands of the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Please send suggestions, comments,  and feedback.  Email me

1. “Sweetest Flower Waltz” by The East Texas Serenaders

Recorded December 2, 1927, Dallas, Texas.

2. “Saturday Night Waltz” by Fiddling Bob Larkin

Nov. 21, 1928, Memphis, Tennessee

3. “Marosovia Waltz” by The Hill Billies (the same recording

was also released in Mexico as “Marsovia” by Los Alegres).

Recorded December 21, 1928, NYC

4.  “The Sheik Waltz,” by the Mississippi Sheiks

17-Feb-1930, Shreveport, La

5. Uncle Ned’s Waltz by The Grinnell Giggers

Nov. 26, 1930, Memphis, TN

6. “Jug Band Waltz,” by the Memphis Jug Band

7.  “Winona Echoes,” by Narmour and Smith

July 30, 1934, Atlanta,  GA

8.  “Boat Song March,” by The Murphy Bros. Harp Band

Dec. 4, 1930, Atlanta, GA.

9. “My Isle of Golden Dreams,” by Charlie and Ira Stripling

March 12, 1936, New Orleans, LA

10. “Sweet Rose of Heaven,” by Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers

Sept. 13, 1928, Memphis, TN

11. “Jacks Creek Waltz,” by Doc Roberts

March 15, 1929, Richmond, IN

12. “The Merry Widow Waltz,” by The Leake County Revelers

April 27, 1928, New Orleans, LA

13. “Over the Waves,” by the Kessinger Bros.

Feb. 4, 1929, New York, NY


One Response to “The Southern Waltz (recordings)”

  1. Brendan Says:

    Thank you very much for compiling this collection. I can picture my grandparents dancing

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