The Southern Waltz (#2)


Southern Waltz #2

“Saturday Night Waltz” by Fiddling Bob Larkin

Nov. 21, 1928, Memphis, Tennessee



2 Responses to “The Southern Waltz (#2)”

  1. judge sturdy Says:


  2. Melinda Says:

    Hi. Just wanted to thank you for this, Grandma used to tell us how her Daddy could sit out in the yard (when she was a little girl) and play his fiddle so pretty the mocking birds would fly right down and sit on the end of it and sing along! Wasn’t hard to believe, because my Dad could whistle ’em into a song too. I’d go on, but that’s enough bragging. Thank you for the joy of being able to see my Great Greatfather, and finally find the magic that made little Ethel Mae Larkin’s blue eyes twinkle. Lord, I loved her, bless you for this.

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