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Can Kickers

January 2, 2012

Our old albums, Dead Music and Dead Music Volume II have been out of print and unavailable for a long time now, but we’ve finally remedied this by putting them up on Bandcamp.  And just in time for Christmas.. well, not really.  So for all of you who have bugged us for them or who are interested in listening to or downloading these, our original albums- here you go:

You can also get to them through our Facebook page:!/pages/Can-Kickers/105572152805943

Our newer records, Mountain Dudes and Dying Not Dead are also available on Bandcamp (or through the mail if you email us!)

Hope you like.


The Can Kickers

Violin family bow rehair and repair

August 28, 2011

Violin, viola, cello, bass bow rehair and repair…Greenfield MA


Bows Rehaired

March 26, 2010

Bows Rehaired  $45.00
Violin, Viola, Cello, bows rehaired…Quality hair and workmanship…quick return
call June in Greenfield MA  413-348-6426

1962 Gibson J50

February 27, 2010

1962 Gibson – $1500

leave your email and I’ll get back to you

Nice Fiddle!

December 1, 2009

My friend Jack Sumberg recently refurbished this …new fingerboard, pegs, bridge, tailpiece, shoulder rest. Back, belly & ribs re-graduated. Good volume. $600. Jack Sumberg email:
Uncle Gomie says yes this fiddle is loud .. I’ve played it!

Fraulini Guitars

November 5, 2009

Todd Cambio the genius behind Fraulini Guitars makes amazing guitars! I know first-hand because I have played them .. but don’t take my word for it …. they are the choice of several of the top blues and traditional performers in the country today including Paul Geremia,Alvin Youngblood HartAri EisingerJohn MillerFrank Basile, Bill Dillof and others.

Todd’s guitars are based on the classic designs of early twentieth century builders such as; Oscar Schmidt, Lyon & Healy, Larson Brothers, Regal and Tonk Brothers. Todd asked me to create a large poster that looked like a page out of a 1920s Sears Roebuck catalog that he could send to customers and guitar shops that sell sell his instruments. After studying some 1920s Sears Catalogs I took the photos that he provided into photoshop and massaged them into line-art images that captured that old Sears catalog look. I also used a couple of distressed fonts to mimic the printing quality of that time period.

Todd also may use a modified version of this poster as the homepage for his website. Check-out Fraulini Guitars here. Check out the designer’s site here.