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  1. REED MARTIN Says:

    The story about Carroll County Blues sure is confusing to me.
    Thirty years ago I met an old fiddler from Indiana, originally from Mississippi and he played a tune he called “Carroll County Blues” which he grew up knowing and he always said the tune came from Carroll County, Mississippi. I guess there must be two tunes known by fiddlers – from different states
    Reed Martin / not a fiddler

    I asked him if he had known a local kid from his hometown who played finger style guitar…..(John Hurt). He remembered the young lad, but said they didn’t use him for playing at their dances, because the kid didn’t like to play chords much, and therefore wouldn’t be too good for backing up a fiddler…..

    • Susie James Says:

      I don’t understand why you’re confused, because Willie Narmour (composer) and partner Shell W. Smith of Carroll County, Miss., recorded their outstanding tune “Carroll County Blues” March 1929; the guy you’re likely referring to would have been Bernard Lee, who was from the same area as N & S in Carroll County, Miss.; Bernard Lee migrated to the Midwest, where he did a lot of playing for different events.

  2. Monika Berenyi Says:

    Holy cow!
    I love your blog.

  3. REED MARTIN Says:

    $40,000 for a bunch of tapes made years ago. That goes to show how having connections pays off.
    When Peter Hoover donated his lifelong collection of field recordings to the Folk archives in Washington, D.C. – where were the folks handing out the money? When I sent field recordings I had made of Dock Boggs at his home – they discovered that on one of my tapes was the ONLY time he was ever recorded playing clawhammer banjo – it came out on a CD and I got a handshake.
    Connections, connections……..

  4. Greg Meyer Says:

    Does anyone have any information about Ted Hawkins the mandolin player with Clayton McMichen and the last version of the Skillet Lickers? I have been looking for a photo or any biographical information on this mandolin genius.

  5. Jane Rothfield Says:

    Glad to have found this website! It came up during my search for info on Dock Boggs.

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